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Lean Manufacturing is an Effort to Reduce Waste and Minimize Costs

Making Your Business More Efficient

Lean Manufacturing is a systematic approach to design, manufacture and market a product of a higher quality, in a shorter time frame, at lower cost with more variety. The Lean Manufacturing tools can be used to improve almost any business. It is not uncommon to improve profitability by 200% to 1,000% over a 1 to 3 year period.

Lean Production is a way of manufacturing that, when compared to mass production, takes "half the human effort in the factory, half the manufacturing space, half the investment in tools, half engineering hours to develop a new product in half the time." (The Machine that Changed the World, Womack, Jones and Roos, 1990). Lean Production means less than half the inventory on site, fewer defects and the ability to produce a greater variety of products.

Lean Manufacturing and Lean Thinking are about eliminating waste, or muda,  from the production system. It is about identifying non-value added activities in your processes and eliminating them. The results can be dramatic, but the journey is challenging.

Lean Consulting is customized to your organization's current manufacturing situation and typically includes a combination of training, hands-on preparation and hands-on consulting.

Lean Manufacturing Benefits

  • Lower Production Cost
  • Shorter Production Time
  • Elimination of Waste
  • Higher Quality
  • Lower Inventory
Trained Experts Will Show You How To Make Your Business More Efficient

Comprehensive Training

Expert Resource provides training in Lean Manufacturing via the Kaizen event format. A Kaizen event is a series of continuous improvement (Kaizen) exercises based on a Lean Manufacturing tool.

Savings are dramatic and rapid utilizing a Lean Manufacturing tool.

Our Kaizen event is comprehensive including training, preparation and hands-on consulting. On the final day a formal presentation is offered to executive management demonstrating cost savings and profit increases.

Every Lean Manufacturing program is customized to the client's current business processes, administration and culture. We ensure that Lean Manufacturing becomes a culture and lasting business transformation.

During this time, the teams will learn and apply the principles of Lean Manufacturing on the shop floor so that at the conclusion of each event a real cost savings will be implemented.

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