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Federal Funding for Training & Consulting

Did you know that the Federal Government offers funding to pay for 50% to 75% of your consulting costs?

If your company has been adversely affected by imports into the US domestic market, your company may qualify for funding which will pay for half of ER's costs.

Expert Resource works closely with the Federal program to provide 50% funding for your ER projects. This funding may be combined with State of California ETP funding. To qualify for the funding, you must:

  • Be a manufacturer or producer for two years and,
  • Have foreign competition that exports similar products into the U.S. domestic market and,
  • Have been adversely affected by these exports last year with a drop in sales and have at least 5% less employees than any period in the past three years.

Although this is not an exhaustive list of qualifications, it will give you a feel for your possibility of qualification. ER would be pleased to introduce you to the Federal program that will off-set the cost of an ER consulting service.

California State Funding for Training & Consulting

Did you know that the State of California offers funding to reimburse your company for training your employees?

This includes training provided by ER, training provided by other consulting companies, and most importantly training provided by your internal staff.

Our funding programs have ranged from $40,000 to $8,000,000.

To keep California companies competitive, the State of California has created an annual budget of approximately $60 million to $80 million to reimburse companies for training. The Employment Training Panel (ETP) disburses funds that are specifically targeted for companies to increase their efficiency and lower costs to meet the pressure of out-of-state competition.

We will conduct a training needs assessment, develop your entire ETP program, and administrate the program for you. With a 100% success rate and money-back guarantee, why not let us reduce your burden of paying for consulting and training.

ER offers complete ETP funding program development and administration services and minimizes your administrative burden. Typical services may include a company-wide training needs analysis, ETP program development and administration, customized curriculum development, and world-class training courses.

We make every effort to ensure that your ETP training program will provide long-lasting results and that your company will enjoy a positive cash flow throughout the program.

ER creates a seamless project plan, including the possible integration of your management system or quality improvement program.

These services are offered to ER clients by our parent company CalTraining, Inc. (

Our clients come from a variety of industries. A short list of clients include: Miller Brewing Company (brewing), Northrop Grumman (aerospace), Titan Linkabit (defense and software), Cercom (Body-Armor Manufacturing), Eaton Aerospace (aerospace and automotive parts), Armtec Defense Products (defense), Adams Rite Manufacturing (electronics and hardware), Seminis Vegetable Seeds (agriculture), Vons (grocery), Robinsons-May (department stores), Specialty Laboratories (clinical laboratory), Ericcson (telecom), Kaiser Permanente (medical), Dunn-Edwards (paints), Fleetwood (motor homes) plus many others.

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